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Aliyah Shipping

Aliyah Shipping When considering your Aliyah shipping, you will have many questions and concerns. At kefintl.com, we can assist you in these difficult times and offer you a wide variety of shipping options so that you can concentrate on the other aspects of your Aliyah. When making your move to Israel, you will want to focus on many of the other decisions of your journey. With our expertise and resources that are available to you, let us take on your worry and stress when dealing with the issues of shipping your most valuable and personal items.

At kefintl.com, we offer several shipping options to you to make your Aliyah a most enjoyable and memorable event, such as:

The timing of your shipment

Packing your possessions

Assistance with customs taxes

Expert shipping advise

When you choose us for your Aliyah shipping, kefintl.com will service you with knowledgeable and professional shipping experts who will assist you every step of the way. We have the most trained staff to guide you through customs, taxes and unforeseen fees. For instance, if you are not a new immigrant or a returning resident, you will be required to pay taxes on your entire shipment, included used items. We have the the forms, certificates and the education needed to avoid many of these taxes. Let us assist you with these issues with our money saving know-how.

Making Aliyah is a joyful and exciting decision in your lifetime. You will dare to dream and wonder about you move to Israel. Worrying about the difficulties of shipping your valuables and possessions shouldn’t interfere with that. When you place your trust in kefintl.com, for all of your shipping needs, you can concentrate on the other aspects of your important move. Maybe your focus is with being reunited with your friends and family, or maybe seeking out or starting a new career.

When you think about your shipping needs, as you focus on making your Aliyah, you will encounter several options and choices. Sometimes these decisions can be confusing and frustrating. When you contact kefintl.com, we remove the worry and the stress of these obstacles. We work with a highly trained and experienced staff of experts to address all of your shipping needs and concerns. You can simply give us a call at 866.425.5224 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps, or visit our website.

When you are selecting your Aliyah shipping, kefintl.com should be your first and only choice for all of your shipping needs. You can be sure that when you place your trust in us, we will go above and beyond your greatest expectations when it comes to your move to Israel. With this decision that you have made, you should be able to enjoy quiet contemplation and reflection without the demanding aspects of thinking about shipping your most valuable possessions to a new destination. We will give you the peace of mind to explore the hopes and dreams for you and your family. Aliyah Shipping
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