1. Installation and Dismantle
    Reliable and professional, our installation services will ensure you are up in running in no time, and with no incidents.
  2. Design
    We offer custom layout design to fit every need. Our designs are engineered to maximize the entire storage space potential and increase productivity.
  3. Delivery
    Expect to receive your racking systems on time, in perfect condition and ready for assembly. It’s our delivery guarantee, and we respect it every time.
We pride ourselves on offering complete and professional solutions to our clients, so they can take their minds off storage and handling problems and focus it on growing their business.
Whether you want to install your newly purchased racks or dismantle for relocation or reconfiguring your current racks, we’re here to help. Our team of experienced professional installation crew will take care of the entire assembly or disassembly process so you don’t have to worry about safety issues, lack of proper tools, costly delays, or simply not knowing how to do it. Everything will be finished on time, following your specifications, and always with safety in mind.

​For a flawless installation or dismantle process, we begin by evaluating your storage space and material handling needs. We then send this information back to our team of engineers so they can create the best possible solution to your specific situation. They have experience working from standard to the most customized racking systems, coast to mountain, liberal to most stringent city and fire codes, so no task is too big for them. After we get back the plan, we will review it together, fine-tuning it to fit your needs perfectly.

Here’s how we can HELP YOU!

Racks R Us” solves the material handling challenges of clients from all over the USA. We utilize years of experience and our network of highly trained specialists to expertly maximize the use of your VERTICAL space. Combining all acquired tools (decades of experience, latest AutoCAD simulation software, extensive on-hand inventory), we can Double or Triple the square footage of your existing distribution center, warehouse or manufacturing facility. 

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